“Younger Churches” Should Build at Least One Public School Each for Poor Children to Attend-Edu Watch

“Younger Churches” Should Build at Least One Public School Each for Poor Children to Attend-Edu Watch

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Churches Praised for Building Mission Schools Across the Country

In the wake of the missionary explorer David Livingstone, European missionaries began to increase their activities in Africa in the second half of the nineteenth century. Mission schools started to be set up in towns and villages, and right out in the bush, where students attended in simple loincloths or were almost naked.

The fact is, it was in mission schools that many of the outstanding Educators and Leaders throughout Africa got their early training.

Is It Really True That Free SHS Has Collapsed the Private SHS Business? -Kofi Asare

in a post on social media, sighted by frencheducationgh, the Executive Director of Africa Education Watch, Kofi Asare noted that About half of our basic schools were built by the orthodox Churches-Catholic, Presby, Anglican, SDA, Methodist etc. The Presby and Catholic alone built close to 5,000.

He added, the churches established these schools as their contribution to Human Development and handed them to Government to operate. So, Government pays staff, etc.

Ghana Needs 4,000 JHS Schools

According to the education expert, Ghana needs 4,000 JHS to prevent primary school graduates from dropping out especially in deprived communities.

In addition, over 5,000 existing schools are under trees, sheds and dilapidated structures, as Government is financially constrained.

A Call On Churches to Build Schools

Mr. Asare continues this way, what I see is the ‘younger’ churches investing in private schools to make profit, which is great; but can we do just one public school for country and charity, so the poor can attend those?

A JHS costs GHC 350,000. If 100 churches decide to build one each in an underserved community, that will yield 100 schools to be freely attended by thousands of poor children, while God showers his blessings, he opined.

I want to welcome the ‘younger’ churches into such partnerships and service. If you need guidance, let’s have a discussion with the Ministry of Education, Kofi Asare disclosed.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Blogger @ frencheducationgh.com

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