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The difference between the person you were yesterday and the person you will be tomorrow is what you do today. – Unknown

Welcome to the year 2022. A year that is filled with riches, blessings, business, personal and professional growth. But these will only accrue to you if you take the necessary actions to make sure they accrue to you.

2022 will be another normal year if you choose to make it another normal year. What separates your 2022 from any other year is what you do in the year. If you enter into the year 2022 with a 2021 mentality you will attract 2021 opportunities and 2021 successes. 2022 is time for something new.

Let Go of the Past in the year 2022

For you to get to a higher level, you have to be willing to let go of something lesser.

Future successes can never be achieved while looking backwards. One wise man once said, “You can never step into the future if you keep staring at the rear-view mirror.” Another one once said, “Once you are exposed to something greater, you drop something lesser behind.”

If you desire to make it into the year 2022 you have to let go of the past. Let go of bad habits, toxic and value less associations. You cannot enter into the year of 2022 with baggage from the year 2021, it will affect you. If you desire your life to change in 20221 it will never change unless you decide to change.

Your hands can never be open to receive something new while they are filled up with old things. You have to be willing to let go of the lesser things of the previous years and embrace the greater things that 2022 has to offer.

Make Things Happen in the year 2022

Take action and make things happen. Dreams will remain dreams unless the dreams are brought to reality through action.

Make The Year 2022 A Valuable Year

You determine how valuable the year 2022 will be by the valuable actions you take.

The year will just be another normal year if you do not make the year valuable. Do not wait for someone else to come and make the year valuable for you. There are somethings that require your input and if you do not put in the action nothing of value will be achieve. One wise man once said, “You are the creator of your own fate.” You are the mastermind to the success you desire to achieve in the year 2022. You are the most valuable person to make 2022 the most valuable year of your life.

Do Not Do What is Easy in the Year 2022

“If you do what is easy now, your life will be hard later. If you what is hard today your life will be easy later.”

In 1962 on 12th of September the President of American then President John F Kennedy delivered a speech. His speech titled, ‘WE CHOOSE TO GO TO THE MOON.’ He stated, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and these other things NOT BECAUSE IT’S EASY BUT IT’S HARD.” A few years (1969) later the first men landed on the moon. The computer used had a size of 65kilo bytes. Rocket used weighed over 2 million kilograms(kgs), was 36 stories tall and 10 meters wide. It travelled a distance of 384000kilometers at a speed of 23km per second. Am sure this was not easy at all.

No one was ever remembered for doing something easy. It’s the hard things that we do that make us remembered. Waking up daily at 5am is not easy, monitoring that project is not easy, approaching that investor is not easy, looking for customers for you business is not easy, building that organization is never easy. But it’s the hard actions we take compounded overtime that make our lives easier later.

You will never live an extra – ordinary life if you do what everyone else is doing. The little extra is what gets you ahead.

Make 2022 Count: DO NOT GIVE UP

Make 2022 in to one of the best years of your life. Make the year one of your best years.

Make a resolution to never give up. The unplanned events will occur, you will face turbulence, you will fail, you will lose ABD sometimes you will win. But whenever you face turbulence and adverse remember why you started. Do not allow adversity and turbulence times to detect your fate. It is how we react to adverse and turbulent times that determines who we are. Face adverse and turbulent time head on, do not conform to adversity.

When you fall, stand up, dust yourself up and move forward. No one achieved success by chickening out when things got harder. When things get harder the message is simple: PERSIST MORE.

By L-Update (Self-Media Writer)

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