Man Marrying Triplets Boasts Satisfying Trio Is 'Not A Big Deal'

Wonders!!! Man Marrying Triplets Boasts Satisfying Trio Is ‘Not A Big Deal’

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A Kenyan man identified as Stevo is set to marry the three identical sisters he met just two months ago. The man claims that satisfying their physical needs will be “no big deal” since they have a strict bed timetable.

According to the report, it was Cate who first met the groom, who is named big man Stevo, in Kenya and then introduced him to her two sisters who are all pursuing a career in gospel music.

In an interview with the Kenyan press, Stevo said: “I’m a faithful generous man and everything about me comes big, even blessings; that why they call me big man Stevo.”

“I tend to believe that my love was not meant for one girl and I was born a polygamous person, and that everyone knows.”

“I’m always honest and faithful and my exes had left because I told them that I wanted to add one more.”

He added; “I don’t want to cheat, I want to add and coincidentally blessings just came my way when I wanted them.”

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Stevo laughed off suggestions that it might be hard work having three ladies on the go, saying: “Why do people doubt the fact of me satisfying three ladies, there is no big deal.”

“So for me just a week, they are three. Every Monday Mary, Tuesday Cate and Eve Wednesday. Then on the weekend we meet all of us and have a good time.”

The triplets revealed they have a strict timetable to let them know which one gets to spend the night with Stevo.

They also said they had no plans to let anyone else into the fold, saying: “The three of us we are enough for him and we are not going to allow him to bring another one.”

“So it’s a happy family.”

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