Why Should Online Learning Be Promoted in Africa?

Why Should Online Learning Be Promoted in Africa?

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When we talk about online learning and online education, people usually come up with the argument that online learning is a blatant lie because there is little to no practical training and little actual education, however, this cannot be farther from the truth. The pandemic proved it and the facts & figures also show that online learning is indeed an effective method of learning.

Although the physical training part is missing and there is no alternative to in-person training, the lack of physical training does not mean that online learning isn’t beneficial or effective at all. Online learning is accepted all over the world in the education system and it should be promoted in the African region too so that Africans can also enjoy its benefits. Today, we will be discussing the benefits of online learning and why it should be promoted in Africa:

Flexibility in Teaching Methods

A key benefit of online learning is that there is flexibility in teaching methods. Unlike physical and face-to-face teaching, online learning allows teachers and educators to use different methods at their convenience. To make the whole processing of learning and teaching interesting, online learning provides teachers with the ability to use different methods that they are comfortable with to teach the students.

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In a physical classroom or face-to-face teaching, a teacher only has a few methods through which he can make the teaching process interesting and helpful to the students but online learning provides different methods of teaching, limited only by the knowledge and creativity of the instructors.


Online learning is also convenient as compared to physical learning. We are not denying how great or effective physical education is but online learning should also be promoted for people who want to educate themselves over the internet. Since there is no restriction on sitting physically in a classroom, an online class can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a working internet connection.

Plus, teachers and instructors can share instructions, syllabus, and other related stuff in digital forms such as in the form of a PDF document or Word document. This allows students to access the relevant information at any time they want to. Plus, with the help of digital document converters like PDF to Word, these documents are interconvertible and accessible on any device.

High-Quality Interaction

Online learning also involves high-quality interaction, something that most people might not agree with. In physical classrooms, some people are reluctant and hesitant to ask questions from their teacher or instructor but in online classrooms, they easily ask questions from the teacher since there is no peer pressure or hesitancy. In online learning, teachers also ensure that students get the same amount of support and attention as they get in a real classroom.

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In an online classroom, a student can personally ask the teacher about a question or a problem that he is facing, something that he wouldn’t be able to do in a physical classroom of 200-250 people.

Plus, online platforms also allow students to directly message their instructors to ask for a solution regarding a question or problem without anyone else finding out. This means that the interaction in online classrooms is the same as the physical classrooms, if not better.

Course Material Can Be Accessed at Anytime

Another very useful advantage of online learning is that the learning and course material can be accessed at any time. Most of the video lectures and online classes are recorded so that you can re-watch them at any time you want to in case you didn’t understand some portion of the video. Other course materials such as presentation slides, word documents, pdf documents, excel sheets, etc are accessible at any time. In addition, online tools like Word Editors, Word to PDF Converter, PDF Editors, etc make it easier to create assignments and submit them.

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Online courses and programs are considerably cheaper than an on-campus program. You are getting the same degree and same education as the on-campus program but at a cheaper price. This allows you to get the same certification or degree as you would have in an on-campus program. For people living in Africa, it is a great way to get the same degree or certification at an affordable price.

Easier to Achieve School-Life Balance

Online learning also allows you to achieve a near-perfect balance between school and life. In online learning, you don’t have to be restricted to your school work all the time as you can manage your life easily. You won’t have to wake up early in the morning and leave for your school every day, you can instead develop a healthy habit of working out daily in the morning. Because online learning usually has a much more flexible schedule than physical learning, you can maintain an active social life, and family life, and manage other life activities while being a student too.

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