Why Newly Posted Teachers Should Report to Their District Before Deadline

Why Newly Posted Teachers Should Report to Their District Before Deadline

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Here is why GES Newly Posted Teachers Must Report to their Districts Before Deadline

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has issued appointment letters from the headquarters to the 2020 newly qualified trained teachers. However, the newly appointed teachers are directed to visit their various regional education directorates for another letter that serves as a basic requirement for the registration or filling of the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Database (IPPD) forms.

Our checks from various regions reveal that the letters to be issued to these new teachers are not ready at the moment. It is prudent for new teachers to note that one must not stay home to get the said letter before reporting to his/her district of posting.

In this article we will take a look at some of the possible consequences that may occur if a newly trained teacher does not report to the district at the stipulated time given by the GES.

| have not reported to my district yet, yet after getting posted, is it advised?

No, it is not. Every newly posted teacher is expected to report to the district or school where he/she has been posted. It is important because it will enable the headteacher of the school where one has been posted to take records as to when the new teacher assumed duty. Therefore, an assumption of duty letter will be issued by the headteacher to a new teacher. At the district office, documents such as personal records forms and others will be filled out, adding up to the assumption of duty letter. These documents will be kept at the office while one waits for the regional appointment letters to be ready. It is important for new teachers to note that the letter of assumption will be required during the biometric processes. One needs to make a copy of it before submitting it to the district officer.

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