When Did the Solution to Teacher Absenteeism Become a Change in Academic Calendar? -Kofi Asare

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Mr. Kofi Asare, the Executive Director of Africa Educational Watch has questioned how the new system for all basic schools will address teacher absenteeism.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Wednesday, 19th January 2022 he said;

The latest MoE/GES reason for the New Semester Decree is, it addresses Teacher Absenteeism. How would a Semester System prevent weekend school teachers from exiting the class on Friday morning to travel for lectures and arrive in class late Monday? “

“And when did the solution to Teacher Absenteeism become a change in academic calendar? What happened to supervision? How different is this from saying, because prostitution is high, lets relax the law, rather than strictly enforcing it?”. The educational think- tank quizzed.

The comment of Kofi Asare comes as a background to the assertion by the Ghana Education Service (GES) that the semester system will help solve the problem of teacher absenteeism.

The 2022 academic calendar announced by GES made it clear that the trimester system for KG and Primary Schools has been replaced with a semester system.

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