What to Do if Your Ghana Card is Stolen or Misplaced

What to Do if Your Ghana Card is Stolen or Misplaced

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One of the most asked questions about the Ghana card is what to do when it is misplaced or stolen. This is because the card has become an important requirement in Ghana for almost everything one has to produce an Identification Card.

Though, the National Identification Authority has urged Ghanaians to keep their cards safe, it has made room for any eventualities.

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If you card is misplaced or stolen, first thing to do is to report it to the National Identification Authority and the Police. They have offices at the various District and Municipal Assemblies.

You would be required to go through a process which requires you to depose to an affidavit to certify the veracity of the loss, theft, damage, interference or destruction of the identity card and payment of a fee for the replacement.

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It is therefore advisable for holders to protect and secure their cards.

The National Identification Authority is a Government of Ghana agency mandated to officially provide national identity credential to all those living in Ghana. The authority has the power to do so for both Ghanaians and foreigners.

You can contact on;

Digital Address: GA – 237 – 1033

P. O. Box M680

Ministries Post Office

Accra, Ghana

(+233) 302-99-9306 – 9

(+233) 302-73-8333

(+233) 242-43-8615


By Dolaw (self media writer)

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