What Makes Elon Musk Successful Entrepreneur

What Makes Elon Musk Successful Entrepreneur? These 5 Key Strength Helped Him

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We can rattle off Elon Musk’s accomplishments in our sleep: co-founder of monetary giant PayPal; founder of Tesla, the electric car company that is literally changing the world; and founder of SpaceX, the company that is trying to take us out of this world and colonize another. We can also absentmindedly rattle off a stream of adjectives that describe him: innovator, leader, genius, visionary, futurist, entrepreneur.

For some time now, we’ve been assessing Elon Musk and have defined five different strengths that explain why he’s so successful. Let’s find out.

“No” means nothing

There’s an anecdote Musk’s first wife tells of him back in college. He received a 98% on one of his tests. Being a perfectionist, he went to his professor and got them to change his score to a 100%. Now many of you will read this and think: Why? What’s the point of doing that? I would have been happy with a 98%. I feel the exact same way. But this small, simple detail is a defining one.

If we can overcome the initial fear of being told “no” and understand that no truly means nothing, we’ll be better for it. How many opportunities are lost because of our fear of asking?

Elon Musk Persistence & Focus

Musk has perfected the art of remaining focused. In fact, there was a time during Tesla’s infancy where a specific problem needed solving, so Musk would sleep under his desk and work 75-hour weeks until that problem was solved.

He didn’t think about anything else. He wasn’t distracted by other, tedious tasks. All he focused on was the task at hand. Now look at Tesla: it’s a booming giant that’s changing the automotive world. It certainly wouldn’t be that way without Musk’s unblinking focus at the forefront.

Think of your own work life and the way you go about your day-to-day tasks. How often are you distracted? How often does something small in scale pull your attention away, making you less productive and less effective? How can you schedule your day so you can complete one task, then move to the next, effectively, excitedly and purposefully?

Work Ethic That Feeds On Passion

Another factor that helps Musk get into and remain in the flow state has to do with the quality of work he’s doing. Musk is a perfect case study for someone whose work ethic is fueled by his passion. He loves what he’s doing, because he does what he loves. His passion for his work is so intense that it fuels late-night shifts, motivates 80-hour work weeks and, like we talked about in the last section, sleeping under his desk.

feeling like work. It turns into a mission or game, and we find ourselves enjoying what we’re doing. Eighty-hour work weeks don’t feel like work weeks, because our passion is fueling us.

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Thinking Big by Thinking Small

Many of Musk’s grand ideas come from small questions. How do we make California transit more convenient? A railroad. An electric railroad. An electric railroad that goes through an enormous tunnel, dug into the side of a mountain. The initial question is always small, then the answers grow progressively bigger. He then takes each answer to the question and attempts to flesh it out in the best possible way. The Musk way.

So find a small idea. Give the obvious answers, then put your spin on those answers and pursue them with tenacity. Big ideas always come from small thinking.

Healthy, Unmovable Intensity

Musk is obviously intense. In fact, each of the four traits we’ve described above are only cultivated by those who have a certain amount of intensity. However, Musk does it in a healthy, constructive way.

I believe Musk’s ability to healthfully maintain his intensity comes because of his flow state mindset, his passion for his work and his absolute focus. 

Elon Musk Net Worth 2022

According to Forbes, Elon Must net worth is 249.3 billion USD this year 2022

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