What Is This Bureaucracy That Delays Payment of Newly Posted Teachers for 6 Months or More?

What Is This Bureaucracy That Delays Payment of Newly Posted Teachers for 6 Months or More?

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The Executive Director of Africa Educational Watch, Mr. Kofi Asare has quizzed that, what at all is this bureaucracy that delays the payment of a newly posted teachers’ salary for 6 months or more?

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Sunday, 31st July 2022 he asked a series of questions as to why the salaries of the newly posted teachers delayed.

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“Why do newly posted teachers in South Africa receive salary in month 1; Kenya, Sierra Leone by month 3, and yet in Ghana, the gateway to Africa, over 6 months?” Kofi Asare quizzed.

He revealed that in Kenya for instance, as soon as the receiving school principal files returns to the Teachers Service Commission acknowledging posting and receipt of the new teacher, salary arrives; and this does not take more than 3 months.

“While I appreciate salaries used to delay for a year in the past, I refuse to accept 6-7 months as progress I must be comfortable with in 2022. Can’t we devolve this IPPD thing?” The Educational Think-tank director asked.

He was still perplexed what the problem is, and why is it made to appear as rocket science.

He called the Ghana Education Service Controller & Accountant General’s Department, Ghana to do something about it.

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“Why are we able to process and transfer election votes from Tumu to Accra in a matter of hours, yet it takes months to capture and process teacher’s payroll data to controller? We have been discussing this thing for over 20 years now.” He lamented.

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Amoah Gideon
Amoah Gideon
4 months ago

Hmmmm we are suffering and only God knows how I feed my family of four ….very sad