What Did My 4 & 2 Years’ Kids Teach Me About French Language?

French Education

I Taught My Kids in French

One great lesson my kids taught me about French language is that every child is capable of learning French language at the preschool level and being able to express himself/herself very well. Teachers, Government, Ministry of Education and experts in education, learning more about children’s brain and how it works will be of great help. With my humble opinion, learning of French language should start from KG rather than Basic 4.

Brain Research

We know more about the brain and how it works. The brain researchers discovered that when a person learns two languages at the same time as a young child, both are stored in the same part of Broca’s area. According to same brain researchers, bilingual people are always presented with two language options and their brain must decide the right language to speak in reply. Bilinguals are faster on the test than monolinguals.

In addition, being bilingual sharpens children’s thinking ability and enhances their social skills. Young children can pick up two or more languages at the same time​—often just by being exposed to them. Adults on the contrary, usually find learning a new language much more difficult.

An open letter to the Government and Ministry of Education

Please, I am writing to draw Government and Ministry of Education attention to a matter of great importance. Learning of French language should start from preschool if they want them to read, write, communicate and expressing themselves in French and to have all of the benefits that come along with being bilingual.

Additionally, in order for students to have interest in French, we need to promote the study of the French by launching French National Quiz, which means even those who in the rural places can benefit from it. It means that students will feel confident in expressing themselves in both languages: French and English.

Professional French Teachers

Looking at French education in countries like China, Japan and Singapore we see Teachers being treated as professionals.

Unlike first, many Teachers were practicing traditional and some outdated methods. Today Ghana is blessed with well trained and qualified French Teachers who can teach from KG. In addition to that, French Teachers can be supported to do new research to enhance French education. Just as a business runs on the expertise of its employees, a school system should also run on the expertise of its Teachers.

Normally, if Government want to know about common issues and changes in education, they ask Educational Experts. The truth is, those “Educational Experts” mostly have moved into Government jobs and other higher positions. So, if Government and Ministry of Education really want to understand what is really happening in schools, they should ask a Teacher in the field.

National Curriculum can be well designed; Teachers can master their content very well. They can put hours into their lesson plans. But if their students aren’t interested and motivated about the French language, learning won’t take place.

That’s why many of them make such rude comments: (Me de French ɜyɜ dɜn? me nnkɔ Togo anaa sɜ France) meaning (what am I going to do with French? I am not traveling to Togo or France). However, to avoid such mentality, motivation and passion for learning French language should begin from preschool level and not basic 4.

Looking into the future with global economy, we must learn to adapt our curriculum to what our current students will be facing in the job market. They will not be working at one job or career their entire lives. They will be working at jobs that require them to have basic knowledge in French as well as think outside the box.

How can French benefit kids in the future? I am curious to hear your thoughts on this.

By: Michael Djan
French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Blogger @

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