Teachers Complaints Bitterly Over ¢50 Deductions from Their Salary

Western North Region: Teachers Complaints Bitterly Over ¢50 Deductions from Their Salary

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The 2020, year group Teachers in Sefwi Wiawso Municipality in the Western North Region are seriously heartbroken by what they saw on their Payslip.

According to the leader of the said group, the Authorities in the Wiawso Municipality deducted an amount of Ghs50 from the salary of the Teachers in the municipality. On the payslip, the said amount they deducted is said to be welfare dues.

They, the Teachers are angry because they were not informed and they don’t even know that there is something called Welfare for teachers in the Municipality.

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It could be recalled that, they were the same people who complained bitterly last year that the Authorities forced Rural Bank accounts on them. They are however convinced it was for this reasons the said Bank was imposed on them.

They are therefore pleading and seeking help from GES (Ghana Education Service) because all efforts and consultations ended in hell, they seem to give a death ear to their cry.

Besides, Other reactions by Ghanaians on social media indicates there are many similar cases in some regions. And the motives of such initiatives is unknown. They think those are some the things that crippled the working conditions and lives of Teachers in the country.

We kindly urge GES to look into this issue.

By: 5G-NEWS (self-media writer)

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