We Only Ask for “Momo” from Guys We Don’t Love – Lady Discloses

We Only Ask for “Momo” from Guys We Don’t Love – Lady Discloses

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At least based on the reasoning of majority of millennial ladies who prefer flamboyant lifestyle these days, for them there is no success in love where there is no money. This assumption puts some serious men off to continue the relationship.

Personally, as a concerned gentleman, this is a topic that has got me thinking this week. The issue of money and love is quite complicated. Lately, if a man brings up a topic involving love and money, he will immediately be labelled ‘stingy’.

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But, is money usually the most important factor when we make life decisions especially in relationships?

Indeed, some of us believe that a relationship works best when both the man and woman invest equally on their love, time, finances and much more.

However, in an interview with “Daily Hustle” monitored closely by Frencheducationgh.com, Dora Bamfo, a young businesswoman, reveals that women are only demanding of money from men they do not love, but they are very patient and kind to the ones they do because they are concerned about their future with them.

She said she would never date someone who was unemployed. “I always say that a lady will never demand such things from her serious boyfriend. If I love you, I don’t bring that to you because we all know men suffer to make money.”

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In response as to if she would possibly date a jobless man, Dora answered in a negative way. She acknowledged that she would possibly settle with a person who has a business.

“I’m sorry, we can’t date. I won’t also be able to support either. I’ve seen it happen. The lady caters to him, and eventually, when he succeeds, he says the lady is not on his level. I know that some women do that to men too, but I have made up my mind not to date a jobless man,” Dora added.

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