University Was a Waste of Time: I Want My Money Back

University Was a Waste of Time: I Want My Money Back

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Many people say that the piece of paper you get at the end of your four or five years isn’t worth much anymore, because nearly everyone has one. All you get is the burden of student loan debt, coupled with a crowded job market where that piece of paper really promises you nothing.

As a result of that, a student from UK wrote on a banner “I want a refund.” Here, she reasoned; “I really don’t feel like I’ve learned anything. Students are consumers, and we’ve paid for a service that hasn’t been served.”

Another person says; “It’s truly ridiculous,” an “awful” university experience. “I believe I taught myself this degree.”

Is University a Waste of Time These Days?  

While there is some truth to that argument, to an extent I feel that a university education still holds its merits.

The pure fact is, university can help to teach somehow how to think critically, how to analyze a situation and how to solve unusual problems in creative ways, even though the real world experience can also teach those things.

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