UMAT 2022/2023 Courses

UMAT 2022/2023 Courses

Admission List

UMAT 2022/2023 Courses, the following are the courses offered in UMAT available for all interested applicants who wish to join us.

Umat Undergradte Degree Programmes Available

  • Faculty of Mineral Resources Engineering
  • BSc Geological Engineering
  • BSc Geomatic Engineering
  • BSc Minerals Engineering
  • BSc Mining Engineering
  • BSc Petroleum Engineering
  • BSc Safety & Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

  • BSc Electrical and Electronics
  • BSc Computer Science & Eng.
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Mathematics
  • BSc Renewable Energy Engineering

Does UMAT Accept D7?

NO. The minimum grade you must get to gain admission to UMAT is C6.

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