Things to Know About Ines De Ramon and Paul Wesley

Things to Know About Ines De Ramon and Paul Wesley

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Ines de Ramon is a beautiful woman who is the adorable wife of Paul. Paul Wesley was an actor in the popular series Vampire Diaries. Do you want to know more about that woman? Then we have gathered all the details about her here.

Who is Ines de Ramon?

According to the sources, Ines de Ramon was born in 1992 and her she is an American. She is 30 years old this year. In her LinkedIn profile, Ramon has added details about her profession and achievements. She is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Moreover, she has worked as a jewelry department intern and also had a job at a retail department.

Ines De Ramon Wedding with Wesley

Little is known about her because She is a very private woman. She came into limelight when she married her husband Paul Wesley. Their wedding happened very privately in 2019.  It will always remain a mystery because the couple does not prefer to share their personal life in public.

Do The Couple Have Kids?

The is living a private life, and we don’t have much details about how they met. They were spotted together in June 2018 and less than a year they got married. In his previous relationship, Paul Wesley now 40 years this year didn’t have any kids and he is yet to have any child with his current wife Ines de Ramon.

Ines De Ramon Net Worth

Ines de Ramon net worth is estimated to 2 million dollars. She has worked in many jobs in her life so she has accumulated a lot of cash for herself.

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Other Fact About Paul Wesley’s Wife

Ines de Ramon is a beautiful and talented woman. In addition, she is a good health coach who is

supporting her husband’s career and her own career as well.

She’s A Multilingual

Ines de Ramon can speak 5 international languages such as French, English, Spanish, German and Italian. She might be very intelligent woman.


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