The Youngest Female Commercial Pilot Currently in Ghana Is 21-Year-Old

The Youngest Female Commercial Pilot Currently in Ghana Is 21-Year-Old

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Ladies across the world are now partaking in things that were deemed as “men’s only”. They are venturing into men-dominated careers and breaking numerous records.

Ladies are gradually dominating Engineering, Tech, and Aviation among other men acclaimed sectors and they do this with boldness and tenacity.

One of such ladies is Audrey Esi Swatson from Ghana who is conquering the world of aviation one flight at a time. She is the youngest Female Commercial Pilot Ghana has ever had. She realized her desire to be a Pilot at a young age and all decisions that followed were geared towards that.

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Because Audrey knew exactly what she wanted to be growing up, her parents started saving words her dream from infancy and upon completion of High school in Ghana, she moved to South Africa to study at the Mach1 Aviation Academy for her flight training at the age of 18. She had her first solo flight at 19 years and at 21, she acquired her Commercial Pilot license. She is currently the youngest female commercial pilot in the country of Ghana.

“Apart from God and my parents, I owe everything I am and everything I hope to be to school. Without the education I have received during my lifetime, the friends I have met and have networked with, the great teachers that have been there for me since day one, I would not be able to move on to a more positive place in my life. I would not be able to have a chance to even become a pilot,” Audrey said in a media interview.

Moreover, Audrey founded her own aviation company called Excel Aviation, where she serves as the CEO. She is glad to be given a chance to “inspire other children that whatever they dream of, they can actually be. Education has fulfilled me and I am a more positive person because of it.”

You can Follow her on Instagram @DreySwatson

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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