The Young Man Turns Down University Education to Sell Fried Yam

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Food vendor, Dominic Oduro has been selling fried yam for the past six years. He took over the business from his mother after Senior High School, turning down university education. 

According to his mum, Dominic turned down an offer to study at the university despite the fees paid. Speaking on SVTV Africa, Madam Akua Asare indicated that he has been able to run the business smoothly for the last six years. 

Five years after I started this business, Dominic has completed school but we wanted him to further his education at the university. His father even paid the fees but he did not go. He said we were growing and needed to rest. Eventually, he took over the business.”

He told us that there are many graduates without jobs so he does not want to be like them. It’s been good. Some of his graduate friends come here to borrow money from him. Gradually, he’s been about to get his first car from this,” Madam Akua told DJ Nyaami.

Dominic is the second of six children. He is the sole provider and takes care of his younger siblings. Still, in his early 20s, he hopes to open another branch in two years. 

One Styk Fries is located at East Legon, Bawaleshie. He serves fried yam with gizzard, redfish, octopus, and others.

Kindly watch the full interview on YouTube: SVTV Africa

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