The Sad Story of The 12-year Old Boy Living with HIV/AIDS

The Sad Story of The 12-year Old Boy Living with HIV/AIDS

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Today, many children living with HIV thrive into adulthood.

HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system. That makes children with HIV more vulnerable to infections and disease. The right treatment for infected children can help them live healthy, fulfilling lives and prevent illness from progressing.

A viral video on social media, cited a 12-year old boy identified as Raymond who was infected with HIV/AIDS by his late mother.

According to reports, He was schooling until the infection started weakening him. The sad issue is that both parents have passed away and now he is currently living with his 62-year old grandmother who doesn’t work.

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Currently, the grandmother has spent every penny on herself and can’t afford the hospital bills for Raymond again.

However, the family are pleading the general public for support to help Raymond with the payment of his bills and also with the cost of his feeding.

The report ended; “We will like to advise everyone to desist from any form of stigmatization from the Family. If you know them, kindly get close to them to bring happiness to them”. Thank you

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