The Rejected Achimota Rasta Student Finally Reveals Reason Why He Stabbed His Father

The Rejected Achimota Rasta Student Finally Reveals Reason Why He Stabbed His Father

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In March 2021, two young Rasta students Tyron Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea were denied admission at Achimota High School. The two students were allegedly denied admission to the school because of their dreadlocks and this got most people reacting to the decision both locally and internationally.

The rejected Achimota student Tyron Marghuy has finally spoken about the main circumstance or reason which made him stab his own father.

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After enquiries by “Citi TV Journalists”, Tyron Marghuy explained that he assaulted his dad out of self-defense. That means, his father had allegedly attacked him in the first place.

When he was asked about what triggered his father’s initial action, the boy refused to go deeper into it. Well, as the saying goes, when it gets rotten we shall smell the scent.

However, his dad had initially accused Tyron Marghuy for having a scuffle with his sister which he went tried to settle amicably. In the process, Tyron Marghuy allegedly pulled a laptop charger and walked away. While following him, he was attacked and assaulted by the son.

Tero Marghuy and his son dominated the Ghanaian media after Achimota school rejected their admission because of their hair style.

Social media users are asking; what do you think he will do to his teachers or school mates when provoked if he gained admission into Achimota School?

What has happened has happened. Now what we need to do is to advise him so that such thing doesn’t happen again. No child has the right to beat his father or mother. If his father did not come out to say, no one would have known. So, we shouldn’t be too judgmental about the boy’s hair style to this incident.

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More of such things happen in various home in Ghana that it’s worse than this but no one knows.

May Jehovah God touch the heart of his father to forgive his son.

You can watch the video as shared by Citi TV on YouTube. Tyron Marghuy’s reason is at the very ending of the video.

By Pen_Sound (self-media writer)

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