“Ten Years to Come We Will Not Have Teachers to Teach in Ghana”- Captain Smart Reveals

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The popularly known Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Captain Smart has recently sparked massive stir debates across all social media platforms after expressing his opinions on a recent situation on our Educational System in the country.

Speaking on the most anticipated show on Onua TV Morning Show, Captain Smart has revealed by ten years to come we will not have teachers to teach in our classrooms.

According to Captain Smart, our Education System has been destroyed by politics and the Ghana Education Service who has to defend it, is afraid to come out and speak the truth.

Addressing the alarming issue, Captain Smart took the privilege to throw massive support for Ghanaian teachers whilst highlighting that the way teachers are treated in the Education System does not encourage teachers to continue teaching in Ghana but prefer teaching abroad instead.

In addition, he took the privilege to explain further, no motivation, poor salary is one of the challenges teachers keep talking about but the Government is not ready to listen.

Speaking in the same perspective, some of the guests on the shows also threw more light on our Education System. According to them, our Education System should stand independent because politics has damaged everything.

Now, if you speak for the Ghana Education System and it does not favour the political party which is in power they will start tagging you as an opposition member which shouldn’t be the case.

Moreover, the New Curriculum has also dragged us back because there are no textbooks for teachers to use after they initiated. Teachers are going through a lot and even some of them have to use their own money to buy textbooks since the Government is not ready to provide one.

Source: frencheducationgh.com

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