Teachers—Why Do We Need Them in our Society?

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Do you recall a Teacher who really impressed you at school? Or if you are still a student, do you have a favorite teacher? If so, why? I will share mine with you now.

Teachers lay the essential foundation for a person’s education: Doctors, Lawyers, President, Ministers including all top Policymakers in the public and private sectors have been taught by a Teacher at some point in their lives. Even the best Professors at the most prestigious Universities today in our country are grateful to Teachers who took time and effort to cultivate their desire for education, knowledge, and understanding. How grateful we should be to those women and men who provoked our curiosity, who stimulated the mind and the heart, who showed us how to satisfy our thirst for knowledge and understanding!

During my stay on campus, at the University of Education, Winneba, I had a lot of good lecturers there. There was one Teacher I was especially fond of. He had a fine way of explaining the more complicated things in a simple manner, especially in French grammar. He encouraged us to ask questions when we couldn’t understand something. He was not reserved, rather, friendly. That made his classes more enjoyable.

I remember my History lecturer. He made French history so interesting! He related the events as a story and was really enthusiastic about each subject. He made it all come alive. He was kind and caring.

In addition, it is another way to expressed my appreciation to those lecturers I had. I still remember my Psychology lecturer. He changed forever the way I would look at the world around me and at life. He created an atmosphere and amazement in the classroom. He instilled in us a passion for knowledge and a love of understanding. This was a turning point in my schooling. I gained confidence and progressed. I will always be grateful to them.

Have You Thanked Your Teachers?

Have you, as a student or parent, ever thanked a Teacher for the time, effort and interest shown? Or even sent a thank-you note, letter or just a call? Teachers get motivated on commendation too. So, Government, parents and students should highly esteem them and their services instead of undervalued them.

Below information was my letter to an adorable Teacher I was fond of when I was at SHS level.

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the depth of my soul for what you have done for me, through your care, kindness and skill. You have helped me to achieve great heights that I am sure I would never have experienced without you. You have made me very proud of you​—an experience I shall never forget in my life.”

To conclude, we should be grateful to those women and men who motivate us, who stir our mind and the heart, who show us how to satisfy our thirst for knowledge and understanding.

Do you know a Teacher you could encourage today?

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