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The fact is Teachers hear all the time that they are doing God’s work because their work is a “noble profession” by preparing the next generation for the future. Cultivating young minds of our future generations. Yes, they hold the future.

But do we really mean it in Ghana? if we meant it, Teachers would have been in the same league as their professional peers (Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants…). But more often, the people who tell a Teacher they are doing God’s work, same people question why Teachers should be paid more. In many people’s minds, teaching is a “part-time” job, they enjoy during breaks, vacations and all those holidays? For some, teaching has lower education requirement.

The truth is Educational Reform does not depend solely on Curriculum Assessment and Methodology because at the end of the day, Teachers would have to implement them and have them worked. This article will highlight what needs to change regarding Teacher’s pay in order to successfully Reform Education in Ghana. 

Teacher’s pay is fair because of holidays, breaks, vacations…

This is an unfair statement about Teachers because many Teachers are so underpaid. Most are forced to get a side business or even second job just to survive. Additionally, many Teachers have to teach during vacations to make ends meet. I am so disappointed about the perception of Teachers as not being “full time” workers. Many people just have no idea what it’s like to be a Teacher — which makes it easier to make poor assumptions about them.

Teachers Unions

Let me begin by saying I respect the teaching profession, immensely. I am a Teacher and I applaud the job they do. Membership in the “Teacher’s Union” is part of the problem. Unions were started to protect employees. Unions negotiate fare wages, working conditions etc. Unions were established to fight for the normal worker. I understand unions played a bigger role in this problem for their inability to negotiate favorably for higher pay and benefits for their fellow Teachers.

Another problem is that the media reports negative experiences and negative stories about certain Teachers, but there are thousands of positive stories that go unreported of Teachers giving selflessly for their students.  This inequality has drastically minimized societal respect for Teachers.

So how, as a society, are we to treat Teachers?

I think if teaching wasn’t looked down on, the teaching profession would have attracted more devoted and dedicated Teachers for teaching positions, which will benefit students and they would have been more highly regarded, like lawyers and doctors. Our class size keep increasing and duties keep multiplying yet Teachers are paid so poorly.

Teachers work with kids on persistence and teach them to learn from their failures. They teach their students to become successful, proud and confident in themselves. Teachers work hard and make an impact on their students by the choices they make to keep trying and never give up. Teachers bring passion and give life to learning in their classrooms.

The negativity and destruction of education will no longer be tolerated.  It is Teacher’s help students succeed, find passion, developed friendships, learn problem-solving skills, find confidence, recognize global problems, become ministers and presidents and a million other things.  I do this quietly with little gratitude because it is my honor.  I teach because it is a gift I can share with hundreds of families to create a positive influence in my small community.  I don’t ask for much in return.  But it is time Teachers are given the respect and honor they deserve. They are responsible for so much.  They create the future!

My open letter to the Government and Ministry of Education. In order to improve the Education System, Teachers must be compensated fairly for the work they do. This doesn’t only mean that Teachers should receive higher pay, but the condition of service for Teachers should change too to reflect in their life. The Education System is crying out for reform and Teachers’ pay is at the heart of the issue because at the end of the day, Teachers would have to implement it and have it worked.

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Dasana Ibrahim
Dasana Ibrahim
2 years ago

It is very sad when teachers conditions of service are discussed. My brother GES always tell their teachers that they don’t have holidays. That the holidays are for students but when outside their offices, they say teachers enjoy holidays. My brother teachers are supposed to be romodels for students to copy. Now looking at our generation, who will want to be poor like a teacher? Infact, it is pity.