Teachers and Heads Are Supposed to Be Given Free Accommodation Anywhere of Their Choice-GNAT General Secretary

Teachers and Heads Are Supposed to Be Given Free Accommodation Anywhere of Their Choice-GNAT General Secretary

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“In a letter dated 11th March 2022, The said circular required all persons occupying school bungalows or Government bungalows to pay the expected rent which represents 10% of their basic salary”. The directive by the Western Regional Director of education stated.

“The letter informed teachers and staff concerned that they are to start the payment as directed from 1st March 2022.”

“All outstanding arrears owed are also to be paid to ensure an audit in the future does not create problems for the service and the individuals concerned.” It concluded.

During an interview, on TV3 with Daniel Opoku on Tuesday, March 15, Thomas Musah Tanko condemned the directive and said as far back as 2009, it was removed from the labour agreement.

Mr. Musah Tanko who is the General Secretary of the “Ghana National Association of Teachers” (GNAT), added that even teachers and heads who do not get bungalows are supposed to be given free accommodation anywhere of their choice.

He disclosed that; “If our collective [bargaining] agreement is saying that we are to be provided with residential facilities to enable us perform that triple function [of teaching, parenting and night-watching], we find it disturbing, unfortunate and disheartening that a regional director can ask that.”

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According to him, the Western Regional Director of education Felicia Agyeibea Okai should have known better and even ensure that the collective bargaining agreement is implemented.

Mr. Tanko in a sad mood revealed; “We want to let her know that the regional director has sinned against the collective agreement.” He said it will be far-fetched if Madam Agyeibea Okai is sacked but she should be called to order.

He concluded by saying; “I believe the Director General will call the regional director to order.”

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Blogger @ frencheducationgh.com

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