Stop Calling It "Gap Teeth" or "Open Teeth", Here Is the Correct Word to Say

Stop Calling It “Gap Teeth” or “Open Teeth”, Here Is the Correct Word to Say

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Many people are born with gaps between their teeth, particularly the front two teeth. These gaps can be a simple aesthetic difference or a cause of dental problems.

A Gap Between Your Teeth Is a Sign of Beauty in Many Parts of the World

Standards of beauty vary significantly around the world. While a gap between the front teeth is not a typical standard of beauty in other countries, but it’s a sign of beauty in Ghana. Yes, a gap between the front teeth is often considered a sign of beauty and attractiveness, leading some people to even widen their gaps.

Samuel Eto’o Offers a New Job to A Former Teammate Patrick Mboma

For many people, a gap between their front teeth is not a problem, but rather something that makes them unique.

The Technical Term for A Gap Between Your Teeth Is Diastema

Take note: According to webmd website, “Diastema” for one gap or “diastemata” for multiple gaps are the terms professionals in the dental field use to refer to gaps between your teeth. The gaps can be anywhere in your mouth, but they most commonly occur between the upper two incisors—your upper two front teeth.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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