SHS Students Now Carry Weapons in Schools-SRC Coordinator

So Sad!!! SHS Students Now Carry Weapons in Schools-SRC Coordinator

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The Ashanti Regional Coordinator of Students Representative Council (SRC), Mr. Raphael Sarkodie has wailed over the stressing patterns of weaponization mindset of certain understudies in senior secondary schools.

He concedes the pattern has become dangerous that in any event, during sports contests among schools, a few understudies have been halted at passages of arenas and even grounds and looked through completely uncovering these weapons.

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Talking on Ultimate 106.9 FM and observed by, the SRC Coordinator, noticed that understudies of today are a good idea for every one of some unacceptable reasons, a circumstance that should be checked.

”The schools do a careful hunt before understudies enter school and at the time they hold onto a ton of things, a ton of weapons”.

”At the point when we had soccer contests at Obuasi, I was by and by at the entryway and we held onto various weapons from understudies who were entering, so yes the understudy now and again on account of factionalism, competition since they have a few issues they have these on so that when need be they use them”.

”School specialists are attempting to be really cautious, I am aware of schools that such exhaustive hunts are finished on an occasional premise, I am aware of OWASS, where intermittent ventures are led on understudies, shock look”.

He expressed understudies of today are extremely difficult and they should be observed near keep them in the clear that could imperil their lives.

‘What these understudies are doing is only an impression of society”, he bemoaned.

”It’s an impression of society, in the event that were are careless of the sort of individuals we are making from the home, who enter the school, so all that we see is an impression of what our identity is and what we have become as a general public”.

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”We want a more extensive discussion with all partners, so that is we need to take on the old methodologies of flogging and different types of discipline dispensed to understudy which will dissuade them from heading down a specific path the better for all”, He focused.

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