Single Mothers Plead Their Case Before Men: “We Make Best Wives, Marry Us"

Single Mothers Plead Their Case Before Men: “We Make Best Wives, Marry Us”

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Who Is a Single Mother?

She is that lady with a child or children but is not married. In today’s society, this is a common practice all over the world.

However, as a guy, dating or getting married to a single mother can be difficult and there are many different reasons why some men refuse to do so. The truth is that the job of a single mom is a hard one because not only is time limited, there could be financial constraints for some of them.

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According to information gathered by “tuko”, men who are seeking women for marriage should choose single mothers because they make the best wives.

-Some Men Look Down On Single Mothers

Here are some of the reasons:

Some guys might think that the choice to be with her means he would be left without attention which she is giving to the kid.

-Some men might think that he can get someone better than a single mother so he feels there is no point pursuing a romantic interest in her.

-For others, they just might not be ready to raise another man’s child and want their own kids instead.

Indeed, a good wife comes from Jehovah God; may it be a single mother or a childless woman. The most important thing while choosing a marriage partner is to let God make a perfect decision for you.

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In fact, single parents don’t lower your standards, stay single until the day you find your match. Society will always judge you no matter what.

May God bless all single mothers wherever they are, someone may not know how you struggle to make the ends meet, it is not easy to play the role of a wife as well as husband.

Some of us who were raised by single mothers can easily acknowledge this fact.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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