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Should Ghanaian Teachers Wear a Uniform? -Advantages & disadvantages revealed

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School children and their parents in Ghana usually have to adhere to at least a minimal dress of code, a uniform, whether Public or Private School. On the hand, Teachers who teach at schools don’t have specific dress code, but they are required to dress up in a Professional Outfit when teaching.

While some think that it’s a good for Teachers to have their own uniform, others strongly oppose the idea.

First of all, let us analyze its Advantages and Disadvantages of this suggestion concerning the introduction of Teacher’s uniform:

Teachers Should Wear a Uniform-Advantages

•             Having a uniform for teachers would make them look professional

•             Wearing uniform promotes a sense of belonging of the school

•             As with all uniformed groups, the uniform symbolizes team spirit

•             By doing so, they would be good role models for students regarding the uniform standards

•             With school uniforms for everyone, strangers will be easy to detect and it would help keep everyone safer.

Teachers Shouldn’t Wear a Uniform-disadvantages

Unlike students, teachers are already grown-up, and have professional judgement to decide what they should

•             Although they work for the school, they are just there to teach and help the students

•             If Teachers start wearing uniforms, some students may think Teachers are equal to them and will become disrespectful to them

•             With uniforms, Teachers would seem too much like students

•             With uniforms, Societal respect for Teachers will be minimized

It has been observed in research that clothing represents a person, it is always a symbol of who you are. It tells your status, your role in life, your social position. That’s why in our society, People made judgments about other people based on their clothing and appearance. In all, what we wear is essentially a matter of personal choice. Our individual tastes vary, as do our financial resources.

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Personally, I think that Teachers are mature enough and they should have the freedom to dress with their own dress in an appropriate way as they are the role model of their students.

Additionally, I strongly believe that the Teacher should dress professionally enough to maintain authority and professionalism in his job. Regardless of liberties, the Teacher should focus on students and make his classroom learning friendly.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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