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Salary Payment Will Be Difficult for The Gov’t This Year – Innovative Teachers

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The president of the Innovative Teachers (IT), Stephen Desu, has revealed that the payment of salaries for public sector workers in the year 2022 will be a difficult task for the government to perform.

Addressing the media, the leader of the infant teacher union at the pre-tertiary education level explained that as the speaker of parliament, Alban Bagbin mentioned, the president will have difficulty paying her workers looking at the current downturn in Ghana’s economy post Covid-19 period. He stated.

The reality on the ground is that, as the speaker of parliament said, this year is going to be a difficult year when it comes to salary payment. That is what is there.”

Conversely, Mr. Desu disclosed that even dues and other monies deducted from the payroll of teachers and other public sector workers have not been paid to their respective recipients, adding that the government currently owes teacher unions three months of dues deducted from their members. The leader has therefore advised the members of the chalk fraternity to put their destinies in their own hands without trusting any teacher union if fighting for a better working condition.

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You will recall that the government delayed the payment of salaries to public sector workers for the month of February. However, shortly after, the government paid the monies yesterday and as I speak, many workers have received bank alerts.

By BricyBoateng (Self-Media Writer)

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