Sad News: Students Beat Their Twi Teacher Mercilessly till He Lost His Teeth

Sad News: Students Beat Their Twi Teacher Mercilessly till He Lost His Teeth

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Indiscipline in our schools is a major concern for parents, teachers, students themselves and all those who are involved in the education of the child.

According to a recent report, a Ghanaian Language (Twi) teacher at the Saint Mary’s Boys Senior High school was allegedly beaten mercilessly till he lost his teeth.

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According to “Connect FM in Takoradi,” students were playing a hand ball game on the GSTS campus whilst confusion erupted between the Saint Mary’s Boys and another group of students.

While the (Twi) teacher in presence was trying to make peace between the students, they didn’t understand the reason why the teacher should intervene in their feud. The students turned their anger on the poor teacher and beat him mercilessly till he lost his teeth.

He was later Conveyed to the hospital for treatment. The action of the students was highly condemned by some social media users who advocated for the arrest of the students.

Indeed, it’s an unfortunate news. Knowing very well that the lost teeth will never grow again.

However, the school needs to invite parents of such wrong doers to meet the headmaster for discussions. Ministry of Education and GES must strengthen the guidance and counseling department to work more effectively.

Remedy to indiscipline is a collective effort by all stakeholders. Parents, teachers, school owners, and students must be involved in putting an end to this act.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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