Publish Scores of Candidates to Regain Public Trust

“Publish Scores of Candidates to Regain Public Trust”-Kofi Asare to MoE and GES

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The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), is a system used by the Ghana Education Service – G.E.S to place qualified B.E.C.E graduates into Senior High School (SHS), Technical Institutes (TI) and Vocational Institutes in Ghana will allow the BECE graduates to see the schools they have been admitted to and program offered. The CSSPS Portal has two forms of placement, Auto-placement, and Self-placement.

School placement comes with its own challenges every year and concerns have been raised over the inability to get qualified BECE candidates placed in schools of their choice.

The Executive Director, Kofi Asare of the Africa Education Watch (Eduwatch), an Education Policy Research and Advocacy Organisation is suggesting that the Ministry of Education (MOE) can replenish the lost confidence if only the Ghana Education Service (GES) will publish the examination results of candidates on its website.

In his official facebook page, Mr. Asare suggested that the names or index numbers and scores of all students in every SHS must be published.

“The Ministry of Education can improve public trust and acceptance of the CSSPS if the Ghana Education Service commits to transparency by publishing on its website, the names or index numbers and scores of all students in every SHS,” he noted.

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He added; “Transparency, accountability, and public awareness of a merit-based, equitable system is key to system improvement.”

Personally, I thing for GES to publicly display the examination scores of young innocent students would be psychological torture for them especially those who will perform poorly. The best thing to do is they should just publish their index numbers with the scores not names.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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