Primary Four (4) Class Teacher Does the Unexpected for His School in Abitifi North

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Teachers are the key foundation to Education. Teachers spend their best hours in schools in other to teach students how to become good personalities in the society for the benefit of the country. Some teachers are doing their very best so as to make their schools very attractive. Others do not have such passion for their profession. We will definitely talk about the good ones and not always the bad ones.

A teacher in Kwadwo Krom D/A Primary does the unexpected for his school. According to the report, the roofing sheet of the school is in bad states and anytime school activities is in section, little wind can raise the roofing sheet and hit on the building. This normally cause a lot of noise. At the raining season, the roofing sheet also pave way for rain to enter the classrooms.

Based on these conditions, the Primary four (4) teacher at Kwadwo Krom D/A Primary in Abitifi North took upon himself to mend the roofing sheet. According to the report, Teacher Takyi Afram is not a carpenter but the condition of the school building made him to use the ladder to mend the bad roofing sheet in his school.

By EducationGH (Self-Media Writer) 

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