President Paul Kagame Closes Down 6000 Churches and Issues Another Order

President Paul Kagame Closes Down 6000 Churches and Issues Another Order

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The President of Rwanda, H.E. Paul Kagame issued a statement saying he has officially closed down 6000 churches in Rwanda saying they were playing with the faith of Rwandan citizens and also put up a new requirement of procuring a theology degree before given license to open up a church in Rwanda.

Somewhere in March President Kagame expressed his concerns on the rising number of churches in Rwanda and asked if they were boreholes or wells that gave people water and also said they didn’t even tally with the number of factories in the country.

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According to the President, there were too many churches in Rwanda, much more than schools and industries. He claimed also there were too many fake pastors using the church to extort money from its members.

 The Rwanda Governance Board said the move was also meant to tighten rules on registration and functioning of churches in Rwanda and also reduce on the creeping cases of fraud as many religious leaders were reaping off impoverished followers.

Some Rwandese supported the move saying some religious leaders are motivated by greed and start churches to defraud followers.

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Government of Rwanda said it respects freedom of worship but protecting people’s lives was first priority.

All Pastors in Rwanda are required to hold degree in theology before they can practice their church services.

For instance, in Ghana, now building churches has become a competition as every small pastor wants to have his own church. As a result, every small corner you can get more than seven different churches meanwhile our morals and values as Africans are degrading day in and out.

So, is religion part of Africa problems? Do you think the Rwanda President Paul Kagame did the right thing and other Africa countries should emulate him?

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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