Police Is Ready to Stop Radio Stations from Settling Marriage Issues and Breaking

Police Is Ready to Stop Radio Stations from Settling Marriage Issues and Breaking-Up Homes

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The Ghana Police Service led by the Asokwa Divisional Police Commander Supt. Kaakyire Owoahene Achampong is ever ready to stop radio stations from their amateurish or childish way of settling marriage problems. He noted that, some of these radio stations end up breaking homes.

According to the commander, the Ghana Police Service is going to stop this by promoting the professional Alternative Dispute resolution mechanism.

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The Police commander was unhappy about how some radio stations end up making mockery of some couples who comes to their studios for solutions. He added that, some of the couples end up using harsh, insulting and abusive words at each other on radio. That deepens their woes further than bringing solutions.

This happens to be a good news for radio and TV fanatics who hate seeing some of these programs that childishly expose couples. If this is implemented, “Ante Naa of Oyerepa FM”, “Akosua Addai Mununkum of Akoma FM” and “Maa Efe of Nhyira FM and many others are likely to cancel their shows.

But, who is going to assist these complainants get their complaints resolved? The police? Social welfare? The courts?

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All these questions are needed because people need to be heard. People want to pour out their stress and confusion state to someone.

If they don’t know where to go, they look for the only place they know best (Radio Station).

By Pen_Sound (Self-Media Writer)

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