Open Letter to GNAT, NAGRAT and Other Teacher Unions

Open Letter to GNAT, NAGRAT and Other Teacher Unions

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Following the demands by some teacher unions for Cost of Living Allowance, this open letter suggests other alternatives to improve the teacher’s conditions in Ghana.

Dear Union Leaders,

I vividly read your calls demanding from the Government of Ghana to pay Cola and increase monthly base pay salary of teachers. Your demand is in right direction but lacking strong weights to enable teachers enjoy the benefits.

Based on that, I’m urging you all Union Leaders as educationist to be proactive in your demands by asking government of Ghana to let teachers benefit the following rather:

1. Payment of Basic and 2nd Cycle Teachers Rent Allowance.

2. Payment of Teachers Clothing allowance.

3. Giving of free educational Scholarship up to Tertiary levels to at least three Children of Teachers at Basic and 2nd Cycle.

4. Demand from Government to give establishment of Teacher’s Bank license to Union Leaders because Teachers deserve their own bank in order to have access to loan on low interest.

5. Demanding from Government to reform SSNIT policies to enable Teachers to have access to half of their retirement benefits at the age of 45 where still working to push Teachers build their own homes because of the current Inflation on cost of building materials.

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With above, it can make teaching job special and attractive forever.”

Thank You.

By Currentworldnews (self-media writer)

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