NTC Sends a Good Message to All Teachers in Ghana

NTC Sends a Good Message to All Teachers in Ghana

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As far as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is necessary for teachers of the Ghana Education Service to engage in, so as to score CPD points for Rank Progression, there are some mandatory courses that such In-Service Teachers must undertake.

Check the list of courses that are mandatory for the In-Service Teachers of the Ghana Education Service to undertake by the National Teaching Council of Ghana.

•             National Policy on Education

•             History of Education in Ghana

•             Teacher Education in Ghana, Past, Present and The Future

•             Sociology of Education

•             Professionalisation of Teaching in Ghana

•             Citizenship Education

•             Education Law (Act)

•             Educational Psychology

•             Guidance and Counselling

•             Curriculum Development

•             Instructional Methods

•             Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

•             Instructional Communication, Language and Communication Skills

•             Classroom Based Assessment

•             Action Research and Reflective Practice

•             Educational Leadership and Management

•             Professional Ethics

•             Education of Persons With Special Needs/Inclusive Education

•             Subject Content and Methodology (Challenging Topics)

•             Micro Teaching/Teaching Practicum/Mentoring Practices

•             Social Dialogue

It is therefore the responsibility of Teachers to take note of the courses and act on it.

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