New Teacher Union Promises to Pay Maternity Allowance to Its Members

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All Teachers Alliance (ATAG), one of the newly formed and infant teacher union registered in laws of Ghana, has revealed its manifesto to its members of the teaching fraternity. The manifesto is fast going viral on teachers’ social media groups.

Details monitored by Bricy Boateng show that ATAG promises to pay maternity allowances to mothers who are members of the union. However, it is unknown how much the recipients will receive at the end of the period. 

Additionally, members of the association will enjoy sick allowances from the coffers of the union should they provide the necessary evidence/ hospital reports to prove health condition. However, the amount to paid is also not known. 

Part of the manifesto reads, “ATAG gives maternity allowance to teachers going on maternity leave. ATAG gives sick leave allowance to teachers who have been taken seriously ill.”

If the said allowance (maternity allowance) is paid to female members of the union, it will make ATAG the first-ever teacher union among five other unions to pay maternity allowances to members (arguably). Although GNAT members contribute an amount into the GNAT Cancer fund, that fund caters for members with only cancer illness, we cannot tell if ATAG members are also contributing a small amount of money into the fund to support the payment of the maternity allowance. 


The presence of many teacher unions at the pre-tertiary education level has brought a healthy competition among them. These unions have developed juicy packaged as a way of luring teachers to join their union. This also breaks the authoritative nature of larger teacher unions, who might use their membership size to intimidate the smaller ones. 

By BricyBoateng (Self-Media Writer)

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Bayor Titus Real
Bayor Titus Real
9 months ago

What of the males teachers who will join because they don’t have fraternity leave ????????