National Teaching Council (NTC) Denies Interest in Laying Off Unqualified Teachers - NTC PRO

National Teaching Council (NTC) Denies Interest in Laying Off Unqualified Teachers – NTC PRO

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 The Public Relations Officer for the National Teaching Council Mr. Osei-Owusu Dennis has emphatically stated in an interview on Tain FM that, the council’s outfit is not interested in laying off teachers who are not dexterous or qualify to teach in both public and private schools in Ghana.

Speaking with Appiah Kubi in an interview, the Relations Officer pointed and reiterated that the council is not interested in laying off unqualified teachers but rather to undertake a dogma programs and initiatives which will be aiming at ensuring the teachers attain the highest professional statuses.

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He said, the council had notified number of teachers in the teaching service without the requisite license which is against the Education Regulatory Bodies Act, 2020, Act 1023 as the law for teachers to license their profession to authorize them to teach currently in Ghana, where the government is working hard to close the gap of qualified teachers in both private and public schools.

He added, “We’re not dismissing any teacher in the schools, but we only want to get the disparity of qualified teachers in our teaching fields. Hence the need to enforce the teacher professionalism process by satisfying the demands of the Act, in order not to incriminate any individual teacher”.

The National Teaching Council therefore warns all unlicensed teachers to get their teacher education certificates, whereas organizing training workshops for the teachers which will qualify them with provisional license to develop the standards of code of ethics and conducts a licensure examination.

By Randasty (self-media writer)

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