My Driver’s Salary Is Twice More Than What a Graduate Earns at Agric Bank

“My Driver’s Salary Is Twice More Than What a Graduate Earns at Agric Bank” – Kennedy Agyapong discloses

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The Member of Parliament for Assin Central and business mogul, Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong reportedly said the above statement to students at the ICGC Jesus Temple in Koforidua.

Kennedy Agyapong told them that; “his niece, who works in an agric-bank, earns GH1,700 monthly, but he pays his driver twice that amount.”

In addition, he noted; “some artisans, like plumbers, masons, and electricians, make a lot more money than corporate jobs.”

Do We Agree with Hon. Kennedy Agyapong On This Topic?

Unemployment is an old problem. For centuries people have on occasion found themselves involuntarily without work. Joblessness had become a worldwide issue.

Thousands of young people cannot even find their first job after National Service—whether they have a College degree or University degree.

Reasons for the Problem

The average of those who are already working and are trying to keep their jobs increases, others try to reduce their age to avoid retirement, and so it is more difficult for young people to get employed. There is a high rate of unemployment even among women, which we think they can get job easily in the competitive job market. Thus, new students keep graduating each year.

Many companies in Ghana now employ base on renewal contract and no more permanent. Those with a job are often invited to work longer hours. Those who become jobless risk long-term unemployment unless they learn new skills to update their CV or learn French as a second language.

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Sad in this issue is that, the unemployed graduates, mostly depend on their relatives and the goodwill of the others to survive.

Are There Any Solutions for an Employment?

For the most part, we know employment calls for a new job. Nowadays, businesses prefer to use the staff they already have rather than to employ new ones. Sad reality is that, the number of unemployed grows faster than the number of new jobs created.

These are facts we know, the white collar jobs are no longer there, they are disappearing everyday.

Stop Looking for White Collar Jobs and Dirty Yourself

Who cares if you are a mechanic, at least you can pay the bills. That is what matters. So dirty your hands my good friend and put food on the table. Salary is deceitful and frustrating. 

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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sir O-Gbatt
sir O-Gbatt
7 months ago

This is very true, am a DBE teacher and my take home is GHc1500, but before becoming a teacher, I used to helped my uncle who is a tiller. Actual fact, before the weekends, we have always been making a huge money. So I decided to do so during weekends and vacations as a teacher. Sometimes, I makes 500 to 600 Ghc during the weekends, thus from Friday night, Saturday & night. One time, I told myself I should have learnt trade instead of going to school after SHS.