Ministry of Education Clears Allegations On Text Books Delay, Gives Date for Supply of Text Books

Ministry of Education Clears Allegations On Text Books Delay, Gives Date for Supply of Text Books

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The Ministry of Education has denied all allegations made against them that textbooks supply for the New Curriculum will be in by 2024.

A statement released on 20th May 2022, reads;

“The Ministry of Education has noted with surprise news publications making rounds, which purport that Government is unable to provide schools with textbooks for the new curriculum until 2024. The Ministry encourages the public to disregard such false publications, which are merely motivated by the mischief of some individuals and media organizations..

The Ministry of Education is well-informed about the delay in the supply of textbooks at the primary level, who are using the new Standard Based Curriculum, and has been working with the appropriate institutions, including the Public Procurement Authority, Printers, and Publishers, to ensure the delivery of books to the various schools.

To note, over 150,000 teacher resource packs have been distributed to teachers across the length and breadth of the country to enhance teaching and learning activities in order to improve learning outcomes.

That notwithstanding, a comprehensive Quality Assurance Review, coupled with the conclusion of all procurement processes by the Public Procurement Authority (PPA), contracts have been signed and publishers have 120 days to complete their mandate from the day of signing.”

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The Ministry of Education wishes to assure the public of its commitment to the provision of quality education in all schools in the country, and the timely provision of quality textbooks is a priority to the Ministry, the statement assured.

“We entreat the public to disregard such publications.”

The Spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, Mr. Kwarteng also wrote;

“With the completion of all procurement process by the PPA, publishers are expected to supply textbooks within 120days.

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