Men Love Insecure Women, It Makes It Easier for Them to Cheat- Uncle Ebo Whyte

Men Love Insecure Women, It Makes It Easier for Them to Cheat- Uncle Ebo Whyte

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Uncle Ebo Whyte is a Ghanaian playwright, author and motivational speaker. He is the artistic director and lead writer at Roverman Productions and has written and directed over 45 plays for stage since 2008.

Living with insecurity can be painful and nerve-wracking. It can make it difficult for you to believe you are worthy of love and care and make it hard to function in a relationship. Not trusting your partner and your relationship can cause you to engage in unhealthy behaviors that could cost your relationship.

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Relationship counsellor Uncle Ebo Whyte has advised women to stop living with insecurity in their relationships because it makes it easier for their men to cheat on them. This was disclosed on the TV3 New Day morning show with Cookie Tee.

Uncle Ebo Whyte revealed that men love insecure ladies because they can lie and manipulate them as they want.

He said; “Men love the women who don’t trust us. It’s easy to fool them. It’s very easy. When I am relating to you, and I know you are suspicious of me, you make me alert. You won’t see anything, and yet a lot could be going on.”

According to the counselor, it is rather advantageous to leave men to their own devices, leaving them with the knowledge that you trust them.

Uncle Ebo Whyte advised partners in relationships to do away with the pain from past relationships and make room for love and trust.

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