Meet The UG Level 400 Female Student Who Works as A Trotro Mate to Pay Her Fees

Meet The UG Level 400 Female Student Who Works as A Trotro Mate to Pay Her Fees

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In several countries including Ghana, many people are forced to support themselves by hard physical work for long hours or perhaps doing a dangerous job for little pay.

Here is the story of A level 400 female student who studies information technology and psychology at the University of Ghana, Legon, was spotted as a conductor for commercial transport bus popularly known in Ghana as “trotro”.

HowEver, Joycelyn Akorfa Atsoribo, who is a mother of two attempted to commit suicide on several occasions as a result of  financial difficulties she faced in life. But, the lady was determined to do everything possible to achieve success.

Meet the UEW Student Combining Her University Education and Work as a Painter

In fact, she personally narrated her story to Accra-based Joy FM monitored by how she started as a bus conductor (trotro mate).

She disclosed; “I started almost six months ago, I was doing a good business in front of my house; my landlord gave me the place, but later came saying that his sister will use the place for other businesses. I was home and thinking of what to do because I had bills to pay, my kids are there and my school fees is also another issue.”

According to her; “On my last day to the market, the driver’s ‘mate didn’t show up so I helped him throughout the day and told him I will work with him. He said I can’t do it but I insisted he gives me three days and sees; if I fail to perform she can sack me.”

My landlord went behind me to tell the driver to prevent me from working with him, but I told the driver, I will do the work and cater for my needs,” she said.

At times I go for lectures, but sometimes I don’t. I try reading… it is ok doing this because at least it put something [money] on the table.”

Definitely you will meet some bad nuts, but with this work you have to be tolerant though I lose my cool sometimes I mostly ignore them,” she stressed.

She indicated that life is a gradual process, therefore, she doesn’t regret how far she has come in life.

Stop Looking for White Collar Job

The truth on the ground is, thousands of young people cannot even find their first job after National Service—whether they have a College degree or University degree. The average of those who are already working are trying to keep their jobs increases, others try to reduce their age to avoid retirement and so it is more difficult for young people to get employed. Thus, new students keep graduating each year.

A lot of graduate are busy looking for a good paying job here and there everyday. But the truth is, the world of work is shrinking by the day and as such there are no jobs to absorb the number of graduates been produced by our universities any longer.

So, my brother and sister stop looking for white collar job and dirty yourself to survive.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Blogger @

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