Married Men in Ghana Enjoy the Withdrawal Method but It Fails Them

Married Men in Ghana Enjoy the Withdrawal Method but It Fails Them – Retired Midwife

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Withdrawal is an ancient and prevalent form of male contraception which has largely been ignored by family planning programme managers all over the world.

Some people complain about the difficulties of using withdrawal, that can sometimes cause anxiety and decrease pleasure during sexual intercourse.

One of the greatest disadvantages is how to pull out on time.

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However, a retired Midwife identified as Mrs. Cecilia Ampadu has cautioned people who are sexually active against coitus interrupts.

She says; “it’s not 100% safe to avoid unwanted pregnancies so it’s imperative that they avoid it completely or pay the price.”

Mrs. Cecilia Ampadu was speaking on Accra-based “OKAY FM” when she made this known.

The retired midwife indicated that most married men as a way of controlling their childbirth adopt the withdrawal method.

However, they fail at it because that method is not 100% secure.

She added, “the withdrawal method can fail you. The man can tell you that he’s the champion in the game so he will take it out but he can fail you”.

She continued “When a man ejaculates, some enters without you knowing so before you’ll realize, it has entered the vagina already. The men like the withdrawal method but it won’t help. It’s the married men who like this withdrawal method”.

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