Leaders of Teacher Unions Living Luxurious Lives from Dues

Leaders of Teacher Unions Living Luxurious Lives from Dues – Stephen Desu

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The president of “Innovative Teachers” (IT), Stephen Desu has revealed that the leaders of the various teacher associations in Ghana are living better lives from the monies their members pay in the form of dues to run the association whiles teachers constantly wail with insufficient salaries and poor working conditions.

In an audio sighted in a teacher group on social media, Mr. Desu spoke the gospel truth about how the leaders of GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT-GH among others are driving flashy cars, buying houses and living luxurious lives at the expense of the teacher who makes contributions to pay the administrative expenses of the union. He stated that these leaders take huge salaries but do little for their members well-being.

According to the outspoken leader of I. T, it is high time teachers take their destinies into their hands rather than put their trust in any teacher union to fight for their wellbeing. He mentioned that, if any teacher union says the government should increase teachers’ salaries of better, pay cost of living allowances due to economic hardships being experienced currently, that union is throwing dust eyes into their eyes. 

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He explained that, in this current economic downturn being experienced in Ghana as fuel and commodity prices surge, the government is incapacitated to heed to any labour demands by teacher unions. The leader of the infant teacher union has advised his members and those in other unions to hold their lives in check without putting their trust in any of the big unions because they will fail them. 


The Ghana Association of Teachers (GNAT), is pushing for cost of living allowance (COLA) to be paid to teachers due to the high cost of food prices, rent and accommodation, fuel and transport fares.

By BricyBoateng (Self Media Writer)

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