South Korean Mask That Covers Just the Nose

“Kosk Mask”: South Korean Mask That Covers Just the Nose, Would You Wear It?

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A South Korean mask-manufacturing company has developed an intriguing mask that is gradually gaining traction on social media due to its shape and use. The ‘Kosk’ mask is a type of mask that can be worn while eating or drinking, as it only covers the nose and leaves the mouth free.

KOSK: the term ‘Kosk’ refers to a combination of words; ‘Ko’ is Korean for “nose” and ‘Sk’ is the term for the mask. In a box of ten, the tiny mask is available on online retailer Coupang for 9,800 won ($8.13; almost 53GH Cedis). It is manufactured by a company called Atman.

These masks are designed to be worn over a regular mask, which covers the nose and mouth, and which can be removed during meals, leaving only the mask for the nose.

This unusual article has received a lot of attention on the internet, with opinion being divided. While some users admit that the new design will make them feel more comfortable when going to restaurants, others criticize the uselessness of the mask.

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Despite criticism, some studies suggest that the nose is the easiest way for the coronavirus to enter the human body, which leads to believe that South Korean masks may not be that useless. Speaking to Nine News, Professor Catherine Bennett, Chair of Epidemiology at the Health Transformation Institute at Deakin University in Australia, warned that the new mask design, while a “strange idea”, is “better than nothing”

Still, he adds that although it can reduce the risk of someone who breathes mostly through the nose becoming infected with Covid-19, people eating and talking breathe through the mouth and, therefore, this type of mask does not have much effect in the objective of protecting, being able, even come to represent a risk.


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