Jose Mourinho Wants FIFA to Stop African Players from Representing Other Countries

Jose Mourinho Wants FIFA to Stop African Players from Representing Other Countries


The continent of Africa is full of talents starting from athletics to football among other talents. It’s however disturbing to see that most of the African countries do not perform well when it comes to football.

It’s not because of lack of quality players but because most of African players change nationality to other countries especially the European ones maybe due to good, promising money and better treatment.

Former Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho has advised the world’s football governing body, FIFA to stop African players from representing other countries other than that of their origin. He believes once this is done, “Africa countries would start winning the World Cup.”

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According to the A.S Roma Coach, Africa has quality players who have repatriated to European countries instead of playing for their motherland countries. He questioned why the black footballers are moving out of their country to move to Europe. Jose Mourinho believes African countries would continue to be denied this from becoming a World Cup winner.

I want the world to realize that Africa is equal to everyone, Africans are not good, they have the ability to win any game, only because most of their best players are scattered all over the world playing for other countries beyond their homelands.” Said Jose Mourinho.

According the Special One, Africa has quality players who could even win World Cup of they stick to their countries.

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For instance, France have more than half black world class footballers who in one way or the other might have played for Africa.

Can African countries break the cycle and improve their chances of accomplishing much more at a World Cup?

Change is already underway. But a lot more needs to be done. The biggest challenge is that Administrators, Managers and African leaders aren’t trying to find out why African players chose other countries above their homelands. Until this knowledge gap is filled, it will be impossible to reverse the trend.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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