What Makes a Boring French Teacher?

French Education

French Teacher is in the classroom, busy teaching French language. Students on the other hand, bite their nails and stares into space, sink into their chairs, watch their time, put their head on the desk. Some intentionally ask for permission to go out. French Teacher, though, is more interested in teaching than paying attention to his students. “This French Teacher is so boring; I don’t like his classes at tall!” Students complain. In turn, the French Teacher in desperation also complains: Hmmmm!!! Ghanaian students don’t like French at tall… Where are we? Whom to be blamed?  French Teachers or students?

The Family Handbook of Adolescence says: “Some surveys show that the majority of adolescent students are critical of their teachers, complaining that they are boring or lacking in humor.” Does that sound like any of your teachers? Perhaps.

During school, at a point of time, we all had a Teacher who simply bores us ‘to tears. As a student, if this happens, you can get frustrated because you want to learn all that you can while in school. What can you do to be more focus in class?

I Hate French Class

Nowadays, we have a lot of students who hate French classes, reasons best known to them. One recent experiment revealed that if students decide in advance that a subject is boring, even a Teacher with the skills of Mr. Sananika, Dr. Afanvi or Professor Dandy (they are my Teachers at the University of Education, Winneba) may have a hard time holding their attention. French may seem less important to you now. But how well you learn French today may one day be of interest to an employer who is considering to hire someone who is knowledgeable in French language.

Additionally, French can present you with more career opportunities in the job market after graduating from school. So take an interest in what you learn! It may take some of the boredom out of school.

What Makes a Good French Teacher?

At times, even good students who are interested in learning complain that they have “bad” teachers. But my question is, what is a “good” French Teacher? One young girl at JHS told me “I like my French Teacher because she’s a lot of fun.” Another boy praised his French teacher for “cracking a lot of jokes.” On the other hand, another student indicates that his teacher was knowledgeable about the French language. Yet he calls him “horribly boring, he is dull and speaks French throughout with big words that no one understands.”

Personally, being a student too, I think a good Teacher is the one who knows his subject very well and able to communicate that information to his students.

However, before brushing off an uninteresting Teacher as being “bad,” “boring”, ask yourself, does he know what he is talking about? Can I learn from him?

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Patience and Hard Work

Why do some Teachers are bad, boring in classroom? You may ask. At times it can be. Don’t forget that some of life’s most valuable lessons are learned through patience and hard work. If a topic is difficult and you feel not to understand it, raise your hand for a repetition and ask for more information and clear clarification. Make Teacher really tell you all he knows.”

The knowledge you can gain in school is very important. So pay more than the usual attention to the Teacher who is a dull speaker. Try taking notes. Schedule personal study at home. If you really put effort to learn French language, you might be surprised at how much you can grab the language​—even from an allegedly boring Teacher.

What makes your French teacher to be boring?


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