“Younger Churches” Should Build at Least One Public School Each for Poor Children to Attend-Edu Watch

Is It Really True That Free SHS Has Collapsed the Private SHS Business? -Kofi Asare

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Kofi Asare is the Executive Director of the Africa Education Watch (Eduwatch), an Education Policy Research and Advocacy Organisation.

He wrote on his Facebook page that; Last year, out of 440,000 WASSCE candidates, about 54% of candidates obtained A1-C6 in the 4 Core, meaning some 200,000 are potential remedial candidates.

Remedial schooling is more expensive than the regular, since fees are subject based, with some schools charging GHC 1,000 per subject.

We Have Been Receiving Many Complaints from BECE and WASSCE Candidates Against WAEC-Kofi Asare

How are private SHS ‘dead’ in the midst of such a huge remedial market?

I don’t gerrit…help me gerrit!

Here Are Some of the Comments Below From The Facebook Users;

Emmanuel Adu Gyamfi”-Most private SHS are now turning to be remedial schools and the market is so lucrative. How come schools in villages are quoting ₵4000 for remedials. But I am more concern with their passing rate. That overnight passing of students in those schools.

Amankwaba Kwadwo Banin-You hit the nail right on the head. It us very expensive to write the WASSCE with a private school these days. I have been wondering why government is not making it possible for students who have to improve their results to register with their old schools. Surely that cost will be much lower than what the private schools are charging. Additionally, the public schools can use this to raise funds to meet some of their costs. Finally parents and guardians will be better off because it will keep more money in their pockets.

“Kenneth Adevu”-In Pre-Free SHS era, BECE graduates who did not score credit passes in the core subjects were not placed in the public second cycle institutions. Such graduates who wanted to progress in their education but did NOT want to resit the BECE found their way into the private second cycle institutions. What is the situation now? Almost all BECE graduates irrespective of the kinds of grades they scored are placed in the public second cycle institutions. So, it is mostly parents who are against double track system and largely the affluent in our society who have sent their wards to the private senior high schools.

Ebenezer Annan-And has also increased the youth unemployment space. Most of the private schools that have collapsed include the technical and vocational schools…. All taken to FHS. So really they are not getting student to take the path of vocational skill development…. Unfortunately, the lies that vocational training is for the weak minded is still right with us.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Blogger @ frencheducationgh.com

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