Important Notice: New Changes to 2022 BECE Questions by WAEC

Important Notice: New Changes to 2022 BECE Questions by WAEC

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The BECE 2022 is slated for 17th October 2022 to 21st October 2022. This means students have barely 3months to fully prepare for the examination. As the days keep getting nearer, there necessitated the need for students to properly prepare.

Every year, students across the country were presented with the same questions papers and are expected to start the exams at the same given time. In the past, WAEC has recorded some major examination malpractices and it’s trying hard to prevent those acts in the coming examination.

If Children Do Not Master Reading by Age 10, They Are Unlikely to Do So Later in Life – Kofi Asare

According to a report sighted by golearnershub, there are going to be a few changes to the questions to prevent cheating by students and their teachers at the various exams centres.

What New Changes to 2022 BECE Questions?

  • The examination will not follow the same pattern as it used to in the previous year’s examination.
  • Every District ‘May’ get its own unique questions with every centre and candidate having different Questions/Mixed.
  • Each District and Candidates questions will be of the same standards.
  • No student will be able to ask the friend the answer to the question that he or she can’t answer because the questions for each student may be different or the numbers will not be the same etc…

What is Expected of the Candidate?

As a candidate preparing for the BECE examination, what this means is that you’ll have to study hard and not to depend on any external help because if the rumors we are getting turned to be true, then there is no way you can get such help.

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