Validation of Salary and Related Issues

Important Message from GES-Validation of Salary and Related Issues {Letter}

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The Management of Ghana Education Service has issued a statement to all validators concerning salaries and related issues in GES.

In a statement released and signed by Anthony Boateng, Deputy Director General on Friday 18th February 2022, it said;

“Attention of Management of Ghana Education Service has been drawn to several reports of some staff having their names going off the pay roll. In some instances,

It is alleged that the names have gone off due to non-validation by accredited validators of such staff purely as a punitive measure on the basis of personal disagreements or differences.

Management still appreciates the valid reasons for non-validation of staff under the various circumstances as indicated in the guidelines for validation of salaries and fully endorses them and urges the various validators to ensure strict compliance with those guidelines.

On the other hand, Management is worried with some of the reasons assigned for some instances of non-validation, especially where these non-validations are based on personal differences involving the Validator or uninvestigated allegations.”

To deal with issues of abuse of the principle of validation of salaries, it is hereby directed that henceforth, no Validator should refuse to validate any staff on the basis of any other reason apart from those contained in the guidelines.

Where a staff’s salary should be blocked or not validated, for any other reason not provided in the guidelines for salary validation, there should be an express authorization by the District/Regional Director or the Director General. This include where such recommendations are based on investigations or disciplinary committees at all level.

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However, where the reasons are based on the validation process guidelines, the validation officer who refuses to validate a staff, must immediately make a formal report to the Regional/District Director or the Director General as the case may be.

Under no circumstance should any schedule officer arrogate to him/herself the authority not to validate the salary of any staff, where the reason for the non-validation is not on the guidelines for the validation.

It will equally amount to misconduct for any Validator to refuse, fail and/or neglect to make a report on the non-validation of the salary of any staff to the accredited officer indicated immediately after such non-validation.

Any staff whose salary is not validated for any reason and who feel aggrieved by any such non-validation should promptly report this to the appropriate quarters within the GES for investigations. All Cost Centre Managers are to ensure strict compliance of forthwith.”

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