Importance Notice for All Teachers from GNAT Circles

Importance Notice for All Teachers from GNAT Circles

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The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has released an important notice to its members across the country.

According to GNAT, members are to take note of the following. The issues cover a wide range of topics.

The GNAT circle wants all teachers to note that the Promotion portal for 2022 is not officially opened yet. Those who will be writing this exam should prepare accordingly. Again, promotion letters for those who passed the exams last year are ready at the various MMDEO or Regional Education Offices. Members can pick them up from this time onwards.

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With regards to upgrading, GNAT wants all members to note that by the end of September this year, almost all applicants to various grades will be placed on the rightful scale (Both upgrading and promotion) for Senior and junior ranks.

Again, all Primary and KG teachers will receive their laptops by the middle of September. A mop-up exercise will be done after September 2022. Hence, those at the SHS/JHS who have not received theirs shouldn’t get them as the next one will take care of them.

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Addressing the responsibility allowance, the circle wants members to note that the responsibility allowance goes with the job description. A Principal Superintendent appointed as a Headteacher will get a relatively more considerable amount because Headship is the sole and unshared job of AD2 (and) above holders.

In the initiative by the Ashanti regional executive of GNAT on the subsidized data plan, members are informed that the data plan for members in Ashanti Region has started (25gh for 10gig). Members can join the telegram platform if interested. This month’s offer is, however, closed.

Finally, Union leaders and TUC are fighting for all workers, and article 71 holders will be at the same salary level on the single spine. Leaders are aware any salary increment below 20% will worsen the condition of teachers and workers next year. They will therefore fight for their first discernible percentage.

By Dolaw (self media writer)

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